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A word from the CEO

Welcome to Moberg Pharma, a fully financed business focusing on the development and commercialization of new pharmaceutical products with a combined sales potential totaling USD 350–700 million. The goal is to make our lead product, MOB-015, the future market leader in nail fungus (onychomycosis) and the coming year will be instrumental for the company.

We delivered significant value from the OTC-business and are now focusing on developing the future market leader in onychomycosis (nail fungus)

As of May 15th 2019, I am pleased to be managing the operations at Moberg Pharma – a somewhat different company compared to before. In the beginning of 2019, our OTC business was divested to RoundTable Healthcare Partners and Signet Healthcare for USD 155 million and a capital gain of SEK 500 million, realizing a significant value for our shareholders while highlighting the significant upside of the remaining and fully financed pipeline business. A payment to the shareholders of SEK 46,50 per share will be made through a redemption of shares in November 2019.  

Our main asset, MOB-015, is currently undergoing two separate Phase 3 studies with expected topline results towards the end of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020 respectively. The commercialization plans comprise a combination of direct sales and co-marketing with partners focused on the US, as well as out-licensing in several other markets. Several attractive licensing agreements for MOB-015 are already in place in Europe (Bayer), Japan (Taisho), South Korea (Dongkoo) and Canada (Cipher) and we look forward to entering into more exciting partnerships in the future.

I look forward to the coming year and this new phase for our business. Our founder and previous CEO Peter Wolpert has taken on a new role as Executive Chairman, remaining close to the business as the company evolves.  

Anna Ljung, CEO