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A word from the CEO

Welcome to Moberg Pharma – our passion is to develop and offer treatments that make a difference in the day-to-day lives of our patients.

We create value for patients, doctors and owners by offering products that are based on proven molecules, have better efficacy and fewer side effects, or are just easier to use. We are constantly looking for the best product opportunities, and are happy to combine our own know-how with concepts and products from external partners and innovators. Moberg Pharma has its origins in the treatment of skin conditions, an area that is still in our focus today.

In a short time, we have built up a profitable pharmaceutical company that offers unique products in large parts of the world.

Moberg Pharma’s business model includes better opportunities to reach the market with lower costs and a shorter time span than through traditional drug development. We started the company in 2006, with the objective of putting our first products on the market within three to five years. After four years, we initiated the launch of our first product for nail fungus, which rapidly became a market leader in Scandinavia. Today, Emtrix, Kerasal Nail and Nalox are sold by our partners in over thirty markets. We have our own sales organisation in the USA, and have added several products to our portfolio through acquisitions. We have also recently initiated our own sales activities in the UK.

Our values and working method are key to our success. By valuing initiative, clarity and teamwork, we have created an efficient organisation with great capacity. And we have increased the exchange of our resources by working with partners and experts. We combine business acumen with genuine expertise within drug development and have an experienced business and marketing team who know how to market our products globally. We focus a lot of effort on marketing strategy together with our partners, in order to ensure the global success of our products.

Moberg Pharma is a small and nimble company. We have shown that we can achieve a leading position within selected niches of the international pharmaceuticals market. Several acquisitions over recent years have contributed to our growth, and broadened our portfolio within the key area. In a short time, we have built up a profitable pharmaceutical company that offers unique products in large areas of the world. Our organisation for marketing over-the-counter medications and self-care products in the USA is a valuable platform for our continued development as a different kind of pharmaceutical company. We will increase the use of our current products and bring new, unique treatments to the market – to create further value for patients, doctors and owners.

Peter Wolpert

CEO and founder