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About Moberg

As of April 2019, Moberg Pharma focuses on the commercialization of its clinical pipeline with a combined peak sales potential estimated at USD 350–700 million. MOB-015 is a next generation nail fungus treatment, and BUPI is a novel treatment for oral pain relief in association with inflammation and ulceration of the oral mucous membranes (oral mucositis or OM), a serious complication of cancer treatment. Both drugs have demonstrated strong clinical results which indicate that they have the potential to become market leaders in their respective niches. Moberg Pharma has secured commercialization partners for MOB-015 in Europe, Japan, Canada, Israel and the Republic of Korea. MOB-015 has recently been evaluated over 52 weeks in two randomized, multicenter, controlled Phase 3 studies, including in total more than 800 patients in North America and Europe. The primary endpoint was met in both studies, the proportion of patients achieving complete cure of their target nail. Mycological cure (eradicating the fungal infection) was achieved in 70 percent of the patients in the North American study and 84 percent of the patients in the European study, which is substantially higher than reported for other topical treatments.

In March 2019, Moberg Pharma divested the OTC-business to RoundTable Healthcare Partners and Signet Healthcare Partners for SEK 1.4 billion to enable a stronger focus on the pipeline, on MOB-015 in particular, while distributing significant value to the shareholders. An extraordinary dividend of 46,50 SEK per share was distributed in November 2019. The divested operations comprised of marketing and distribution of OTC brands, mainly in the U.S. Each of the three key brands, Kerasal Nail®, New Skin® and Dermoplast®, are market leaders in their respective niches.

Business model

Moberg Pharma’s business model includes direct sales and sales through distributors and partners. Product development is based on innovative drug delivery and proven compounds, reducing time to market, development costs and risk compared with conventional drug development. Phase II trials for our projects are quickly initiated to evaluate the product in a limited number of patients. The selection of regulatory route is important – Moberg Pharma has experience with products that can be registered as pharmaceuticals, medical devices or cosmetics.

The business and marketing team at Moberg Pharma has solid experience in global product commercialization. The organization is supplemented with external expertise and capacity, in areas including clinical development, production and commercialization.