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About Moberg

Moberg Pharma is a specialist pharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization of proprietary drugs based on proven substances. The goal is to take the company’s main product, MOB-015, to a world-leading position in the treatment of nail fungus. The plan is to receive the first market approval for MOB-015 in Europe in 2023.

The company intends to repeat the journey that was made with Kerasal Nail®, the company’s first-generation nail fungus product, combining direct sales in the U.S. with strategic collaborations in a number of major regions. The most important markets for MOB-015 are expected to be the U.S., EU, Japan, Canada and China, all with approved patent protection through 2032. In addition to granted patents, the company also has ongoing patent applications which, if approved, could provide significantly longer patent protection.

The results from clinical Phase 3 studies with 800+ patients indicate that MOB-015 has the potential to become the future market leader in the treatment of nail fungus. MOB-015 is developed based on Moberg Pharma’s patented formulation technology, which facilitates the delivery of high concentrations of the proven antifungal substance terbinafine through the nail.

A total of five agreements with commercial partners are in place for MOB-015: Cipher Pharmaceuticals for Canada; Allderma in Scandinavia; Padagis in Israel; Dong-Koo Bio & Pharma Co., Ltd, the market leader in dermatology in the Republic of Korea; and Bayer AG, a world leader in the OTC fungus treatments with the brand Canesten, for Europe. The agreements give these partners exclusive rights to market and sell MOB-015 in their respective markets, while Moberg Pharma has production and supply responsibility.

The company’s aim is to receive its first market approval and initiate launch for MOB-015 in 2023. We estimate the market potential at USD 250–500 million, with a large part of sales expected to come from the high-priced U.S. prescription drug market.