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Moberg Pharma’s goal is to make MOB-015 the leading treatment for nail fungus globally and to build a specialty pharmaceutical company with direct sales in the U.S. and sales through partners in other markets. With MOB-015 as the lead product, the company intends to expand the portfolio with additional acquired or developed products in adjacent areas.

MOB‐015 is a next‐generation treatment for onychomycosis (nail fungus). The high antifungal effect (70-84% mycological cure) demonstrated in two clinical Phase 3 studies, in total including more than 800 patients, indicates that the product has the potential to become the future market leader in nail fungus. License agreements are in place with partners in Europe, Canada, Israel and the Republic of Korea for MOB-015. The annual sales potential for MOB‐015 is estimated at USD 250–500 million.