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Innovation engine

The Innovation Engine is the hub of our business development model. It is comprised of our continuous search for new business opportunities and the skills we have developed in marketing and product development.

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Patient needs – What does the customer want?

We harvest a continuous stream of ideas for new products from our customers, partners and scientific advisors and then we do our homework – what is required of an ideal product, how competitive is the market niche, is there a willingness to pay, how high is the development risk and how quickly can we get to market?


Concepts and technologies – How can Moberg Pharma satisfy customer requirements?

We can often develop new products with in-house expertise in drug delivery. In other cases, we license in or acquire external technologies/projects that have already made progress towards a launch. We also actively seek already marketed products that can be revitalized or launched in additional markets.

Product development – How can technical risks and time to market be minimized?

We focus on development projects that can reach the market in a relatively short time and at a limited cost and risk level. Accordingly, we work with product development based on proven compounds. Such projects can relatively rapidly commence a phase II trial to evaluate the product in a limited number of patients. The selection of regulatory route is important – Moberg Pharma works with products that can be registered as pharmaceuticals, medical devices or cosmetics.


Commercialization – What is the best route to the consumer?

Our approach provides flexibility in how we commercialize our projects: through direct sales, distributors or business partners - and combinations of these channels. We perform a careful analysis of which channels are most favorable for each product to ensure rapid return on the company’s investments, with acceptable risk exposure.