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Board of directors


Thomas Eklund

Born 1967. Member since 2015. Thomas Eklund has extensive experiences from the pharmaceutical where he has had leading positions as CEO & Head of Europe in Investor Growth Capital AB. He has also been Investment Director in Alfred Berg ABN AMRO Capital Investment AB and Vice President in Handelsbanken Markets. He is Chairman of the board of Caliditas Theraputics AB and Itrim AB, and board member of Boule Diagnostics AB, Biotage AB, Neoventa Medical AB, Memira AB, Rodebjer Form AB.

Shareholding: 84 957 shares.


Sara Brandt

Born 1963. Member since 2017. Sara Brandt has extensive experience from marketing and sales of FMCG and Healthcare products. She has held executive positions at Unilever (Nordic), Coca-Cola (Sweden) and Cederroth/Orkla (Nordic). Sara Brandt is the Managing Director Sweden and VP Nordic for Berner, a B2B company within the Construction and Automotive industry. She was formerly a Board member of the Association of Swedish Advertisers, Gärdin & Pärsson, DLF and KTF and is currently Chairman of Toxintelligence and Board member of ClearOn.

Shareholding: 0 shares

Geert Cauwenbergh, PhD.
Born 1954. Member since 2012. Dr. Cauwenbergh has extensive experiences from the pharmaceutical industry and has deep knowledge of and has focused on product development and marketing of dermatology products in Europe and the U.S. Dr. Cauwenbergh is currently Managing Partner of Phases123 LLC (U.S.), CEO and Board member of RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp (U.S) and boardmember of Cutanea Life Sciences (private-USA). In the past he has served as the Chairman and CEO of Barrier Therapeutics (U.S.) and has held leading positions at Johnson & Johnson in the U.S.

Shareholding: 0 shares


Torbjörn Koivisto, LL.M.

Born 1969. Member since 2009. Torbjörn Koivisto is a business lawyer specializing in company and commercial law. His experience includes working for Mannheimer Swartling, Lindahl and Bird & Bird. Since 2006 he has been working for his own business-law advisory company IARU (Institutet för Affärsjuridisk Rådgivning i Uppsala AB). He works in close collaboration with the board in both startups and listed companies. He is board member of Xspray Pharma AB, Hemcheck Sweden AB and KIBACQ AB.

Shareholding: 5 856 shares via the Group IARU AB.


Thomas Thomsen
Born 1969. Thomas Thomsen has extensive experience from consumer marketing and OTC drugs. Has held executive positions at Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Reckitt Benckiser and Novartis and was formerly Board member of Ferrosan (Denmark) and Cederroth (Sweden). Thomas Thomsen is the founder of Value Impact United, and is Chairman of Walmark a.s.(Czech Republic) and Non-Executive Director of Symprove (UK), NoA (Norway) and Alkalon (Denmark).

Shareholding: 0 shares.


Mattias Klintemar

Born 1967. Member since 2015. Mattias Klintemar represents Östersjöstiftelsen and has extensive experiences from leadership roles within the finance and technology sector, CEO at Morphic Technologies AB, CFO at Hexaformer and senior corporate finance associate at ABG Sundal Collier and auditor at Arthur Andersen. He is Chairman of the board at Dilafor ad a board member at Oatly, Phoniro and Axelar as well as chairman of the nomination committee of Lightlab, Pharmanest and Cellimpact.

Shareholdin: 3 000 shares

Current shareholding is not automatically updated for the moment. Insiders no longer have obligation to report there shareholding. According to the regulatory requirements, the data shall be updated once a year.