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Anna Ljung, CEO , M.Sc. Econ.
Born 1980. Has worked for the company since 2006. Anna Ljung has served as the CFO of Athera Biotechnologies AB and Lipopetide AB, and worked as an independent consultant in the field of technology licensing. She is also a board member of Saniona AB.
Shareholding: 13 994 shares, 12 506 performance share units and 95 000 employee stock options (95 000 shares may be subscribed to, based on the employee stock options).


Torbjörn Wärnheim, Vice President Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development
Born 1958. Has worked for the company since 2013. Prior to his position with Moberg, Torbjörn Wärnheim was Vice President R&D at Fresenius Kabi. In addition to this he has held senior level positions at ACO HUD and Pharmacia & Upjohn among others. Torbjörn Wärnheim has a broad experience of pharmaceutical development of Rx- and OTC-products, and is associate professor at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, with a research background within surface chemistry and physical chemistry of lipids.

Shareholding: 8 913 aktier, 11 113 performance share units och 26 500 employee stock options (26 500 shares may be subscribed to, based on the employee stock options).

Annica Magnusson, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs
Born in 1963. Has worked for the company since 2013. Annica Magnusson is a pharmacist with more than 20 years of experience in international work within the pharmaceutical industry and Regulatory Affairs at AstraZeneca. Annica Mangusson has worked with the development and registration of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices in the EU, USA, Japan with several markets.

Shareholding: 4 030 shares and 7 805 performance shares and 28 500 employee stock options (28 500 shares may be subscribed based on employee stock options).


Sarah Hellerfelt, Cheif Financial Officer

Born 1982. Active in the company since 2017. Sarah Hellerfelt has 10 years of experience from various finance positions and has previously worked as an auditor at PwC and as a group controller and finance manager within the Bonnier Group.

Shareholding: 2 916 shares and 3 579 performance share units.



Current shareholding is not automatically updated for the moment. Insiders no longer have obligation to report there shareholding. According to the regulatory requirements, the data shall be updated once a year.