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About Moberg

A different kind of pharma company
Moberg Pharma is a rapidly growing Swedish pharmaceutical company that commercializes proprietary, acquired and licensed products in the global market.


We create value for patients, physicians and owners by offering products based on proven compounds, which have better efficacy, fewer side effects or are easier to use. Initially, Moberg Pharma specialized in the treatment of skin diseases but is now widening its scope to include additional areas. We market OTC brands in the U.S. and sell through distributors in more than 35 countries.

Business model
Our business model includes proprietary sales and sales through distributors and partners. Our product development is based on innovative drug delivery and proven compounds, which reduces our time to market, development costs and risk compared with conventional drug development. Click here for more information


Our brands include Kerasal Nail™, Kerasal® and Emtrix®. The Nalox™/Naloc® and Cremolan® brands are owned by our partners. Click here for more information


  • Listed on the NASDAQ OMX Small Cap
  • Sales of MSEK 112 (2012)
  • Nalox and Kerasal Nail hold leading positions in the Nordic region, the U.S.
    and in other markets
  • Products available in more than 35 markets
  • Our U.S. subsidiary retails via Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and multiple other retailers
  • Our patent portfolio comprises some ten patent families

Our Innovation Engine creates new business opportunities

The Innovation Engine is the hub of our business development model. It comprises our continuous search for new business opportunities and the skills we have developed in marketing and product development. Click here for more information