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US: Sales through our subsidiary. Our products are sold through the major retail chains including Walmart, Wahlgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and several others. Canada: Sales through Paladin Labs.
South America: Sales through partners. We are looking for additional distributors in South America.
Europe: Sales through distributors, including Meda
and Menarini, two of the world´s 50 largest pharmaceutical companies.
Africa/the Middle East: Sales via distributors.
Asia: Sales in China and South East Asia through Menarini APAC. We are looking for additional distributors in Asia.
Australia: Sales via distributors.

Markets and sales


Market for dermatological drugs

Moberg Pharma currently operates in dermatology (skin diseases) and arthritis pain with a focus on OTC brands.

Our sales are conducted through our U.S. affiliate and via distributors and partners in other markets. Our brands and products are currently available in more than 40 markets.

Moberg Pharma North America LLC

Our affiliate Moberg Pharma North America LLC manages sales and marketing in U.S. and has created a strong reputation with retailers and consumers throughout the continent. Our lead product Kerasal Nail™ is available through some 30,000 retail outlets. We have been successful in building strong brands in select niches which creates brand recognition and enables introduction of line extensions.


Our customers in the U.S. include drugstores, such as Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid, major retail chains including Walmart and K-Mart, wholesalers such as AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson as well as food retailers including Publix, Giant Eagle, Ahold and Supervalue.


Our distribution partners

We collaborate with some 30 distributors covering more than 60 countries with a total of 1.5 billion inhabitants. Our most significant markets are currently the major EU countries as well as China and other major countries in Asia, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Australia and the Middle East.

Moberg Pharma’s key partner Menarini are responsible for sales and marketing of our products in Italy, Russia, China and numerous other countries in Asia. Meda AB, is another of our distributors, responsible for sales and marketing of our largest product Nalox™ in 13 countries with a total of about 350 million inhabitants. Paladin Labs is our distributor in Canada.


Marketing of OTC brands

Our products are marketed to patients, pharmacies and physicians. Since Moberg Pharma’s products are non-prescription, brand building through consumer marketing via TV and other media is important. The marketing mix and target groups differ between countries, depending on the degree to which patients personally make decisions about their treatment. For example, doctors and medical oriented podiatrists in several countries have greater influence than their colleagues in Scandinavia over which drug the patient ultimately buy at the pharmacy.