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Licensing out

Welcome to contact Moberg Pharma for collaboration/licensing in the following projects:

  • MOB-015 - Onychomycosis (nail fungus) – Phase 3 starts 2016
    MOB-015 is a patented topical formulation of terbinafine which has demonstrated rapid visible improvement, ability to achieve high concentrations of terbinafine in the nail bed and superior cure rates. Phase 3 studies are starting in 2016, fully funded by Moberg Pharma.
  • BUPI - Oral mucositis (pain management) – Phase 3 preparations are ongoing
    BUPI is a patent pending lozenge with bupivacaine for the treatment of pain in the oral cavity. In a recently reported Phase 2 study, BUPI reduced the pain in the mouth with 50% compared to standard treatment. Preparations for two Phase 3 clinical trials are ongoing. The studies are fully funded by Moberg Pharma and a partner.


Distribution agreements

In the U.S. and UK we commercialize our products ourselves, but in other parts of the world we partner with distributors. Our products are available in more than 40 markets, with an ambition to continue to expand geographically.
Please contact us to discuss partnering opportunities.

Contact: Martin Ingman, VP Sales and Marketing
Tel. +46 8 522 307 10