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Remuneration of senior executives

Promotion of Moberg Pharma's business strategy, long-term interests and sustainability
Moberg Pharma’s business strategy include in-house sales combined with sales through distributors and partners. The Company’s product development is performed through proven substances, which reduces the time to the market, the development cost and the risks compared to traditional drug development. 

A condition for the successful implementation of Moberg Pharma’s business strategy and its long-term interests, including its sustainability, is that Moberg Pharma is able to continue to recruit and retain qualified employees, the basic principle being that the remuneration system for the senior executives and other employees is market-based and competitive. These guidelines enable to offer the senior executives a competitive total remuneration.

Moberg Pharma has ongoing long-term incentive programs in place that have been resolved by the Annual General Meeting and which therefore are excluded from these guidelines. The performance requirements used to determine the outcome of Moberg Pharma’s long-term incentive programs have a clear connection to the long-term value-making, including its sustainability. For more information about these programs, please see Moberg Pharma's Annual Report, Note 19.

Types of remuneration etc.
Remuneration of senior executives may consist of fixed salary, variable salary, pension and other customary benefits. Additionally, the general meeting may, irrespective of these guidelines, resolve on, among other things, share-related or share-price related remuneration.

Fixed salary
Fixed salary shall be market-based and individually differentiated on the basis of the individual’s role, performance, results and responsibilities. As a rule, fixed salary is adjusted once a year.

Variable salary
Variable salary shall be proportionate to the responsibilities and powers of the individual in question. Variable salary is based on the profit for the Company in relation to the targets established by the Board of Directors. These targets shall be designed so as to contribute to Moberg Pharma’s business strategy and long-term interests, including its sustainability. Pensionable salary only consists of basic salary. Variable remuneration is generally capped at 25–50 % of each executive’s basic annual salary. The evaluation of whether the predetermined performance targets have been fulfilled shall be made at the end of the measurement period and be based on the determined financial basis for the relevant period. Variable cash remuneration can be paid after the measurement period has ended or be subject to deferred payment.

Pension & other benefits
The Group Chief Eexecutive Officer has a premium payment equivalent to 25% of base salary.   

Other employees have a premium payment equivalent to 17-30% of base salary.

Other benefits may include, for example medical insurance (Sw. sjukvårdsförsäkring), phone benefits, meal benefits and shall be provided to the extent this is considered to be in line with market conditions.

In case of termination, the notice period is at least three months if this is on the initiative of the senior executive and between three and 12 months if the Company takes the initiative. Severance amounts may apply, however total remuneration during termination including severance amounts will never be more than 12 months’ salary. 

Consulting fees to Board members
In the event that Board members perform work over and above their customary Board assignment, the Board shall, in specific cases, be able to decide on additional remuneration in the form of consulting fees.

Salary and employment conditions for employees
In the preparation of the Board of Directors’ proposal for these remuneration guidelines, salary and employment conditions for employees of the Company have been taken into account by including information regarding the employee's total income, the components of the remuneration and the increase and growth rate over time, in the remuneration committee's and the Board of Directors' basis of decision when evaluating whether the guidelines and the limitations set out herein are reasonable.

Remuneration committee
The Board's remuneration committee, consisting of all Board members including the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who also serves as the Chairman of the remuneration committee, addresses and prepares remuneration issues relating to senior executives.

The remuneration committee prepares and drafts proposed resolutions relating to remuneration and terms and conditions of employment for the CEO, which are presented to the Board for approval. The Board evaluates the CEO's work on an annual basis.

The CEO approves the remuneration and terms and conditions of employment of other senior executives on the basis of the principles for remuneration of senior executives adopted at the Annual General Meeting.

The remuneration committee's tasks also include preparing the Board of Directors' decision to propose guidelines for remuneration of senior executives. The Board shall prepare a proposal for new guidelines at least every fourth year and submit it to the annual general meeting. These guidelines shall be in force until new guidelines are adopted by the general meeting. The remuneration committee shall also monitor and evaluate programs for variable remuneration as well as the current remuneration structures and compensation levels in Moberg Pharma. The CEO and other senior executives do not participate in the Board of Directors' processing of and resolutions regarding remuneration-related matters in so far as they are affected by such matters.

Deviation from the guidelines
The Board of Directors has the right to temporarily deviate from these guidelines where there is special reason to do so and it is necessary in order to serve Moberg Pharma’s long-term interests, including its sustainability, or to ensure Moberg Pharma’s financial viability, for example, in connection with additional variable remuneration connected to specific achievements.