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Terms of use

Terms of use

The following terms and conditions as well as applicable Swedish laws and regulations apply to use of this web site. By using the material on this web site, it is assumed that the visitor accepts these terms of use without limitation or reservation and affirms that these terms of use supersede any other agreements between the visitor and Moberg Pharma AB. If not settled amicably, any disputes arising as a result of or in relation to the content of this web site shall be determined by a Swedish court.


This web site was produced by Moberg Pharma for the purpose of providing an introduction to the company and information on Moberg Pharma and its products.

Information on drugs and their use is intended for Swedish health care personnel and the financial markets as per applicable Swedish law and EU directives.

Drug information should not form the basis for preventive or other medical treatment without a doctor’s prescription. The drugs presented on the web site are a presentation of Moberg Pharma’s drug portfolio. Drug names and brands can differ between countries. All drugs are not marketed in all countries. Drugs may not be used in a country without prior control of current regulations and selling permits. For information on specific products, contact Moberg Pharma or your doctor.

Moberg Pharma is not liable for damages resulting from a visitor’s access or non–access to this web site or as a result of relying on information provided on this web site. Moberg Pharma is exempt from all liability for direct and indirect, breach of contract related, consequential, compensatory, and other damages, loss of income, and any other losses or damages regardless of their nature. These limitations also apply to the visitor’s computer equipment or viruses that could affect such equipment.

Moberg Pharma has no control over whether email to and from Moberg Pharma is read or copied by third parties. This means information submitted via the web site should be considered non-confidential.

Copyright notice

Anna Ljung, Moberg Pharma AB‘s CEO, is legally responsible for this web site.

This web site is copyrighted by Moberg Pharma. Visitors are allowed to copy material published on the web site for private, non-commercial use if they quote the source. All product names mentioned on the web site are trademarks owned by Moberg Pharma or Moberg Pharma’s licensees and partners. This applies whether they appear with the ® symbol or not. 

Moberg Pharma does its best to ensure the web site and its content are up-to-date, but we are not liable for the accuracy of the web site’s content.

Other information

Moberg Pharma reserves the right to change and/or update policies and liability stipulations at any time. The latest version will always be available on the web site.

If you have any questions regarding Moberg Pharma’s terms of use for the web site, please contact us at or on +46 8 522 307 00. You can also write to us at this address: Moberg Pharma AB, Gustavslundsvägen 42, SE-167 51 Bromma, Sweden.